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Rae Graden dabbles in many media. They have played with woodworking, India ink painting, glassblowing, crochet, and digital art and are always exploring new techniques in whatever they do. Born to two scientists, Rae has a flair for the technical side and a love of mathematics. They are inspired by the scientific rigor of Tony Hansen’s ceramic technology, Traci Paige Johnson’s distinctive construction paper cutout art style and domestic themes, and the beautiful surfaces and care for the creative process characteristic to the arts and crafts movement.

They have always had an ingrained creative curiosity which lead them to an interest in product design. Rae pursued this in college through studies in mechanical engineering technology, applied mathematics, and industrial design. They are combining these studies into a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies, to be completed at the end of fall quarter 2021. 

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Artist Statement

I love to learn from every creation, each piece is a wealth of information. They teach me what people find approachable, useable, and lovable, and I listen intently to these lessons because I care deeply about the human interactions all my work will have. My artworks are meant to be touched, held, used, and enjoyed by real people. They’re supposed to go home and then really live there, in and among the daily flow of activities and existence, belonging fully, while still holding their own character and playing their own roles. 

It is my responsibility as their creator, one I take very seriously, to give them the integrity and charm they’ll need to accomplish that.

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